soul of trees



there was a beginning

i can´t remember...


and suddenly all the answers crawled through sparkling nights and days

glimmering prospects of love and a kind fate


i ran behind them

tried to catch

tried to touch


then i saw hope fail

i knelt down to see the world from uspide down

and recognized world has no meaning

but mine

recognized god is the question between my lines


there is no home

but now and then a place to rest

there is no word

but an expression to find

there is no image

but a picture to paint:


“sometimes i want to lay down to the dead

and share their sophistic silence

to cool down my heat on their frozen memories

to calm the noisy ghosts inside my head


sometimes i want to become a tree

and dig my feet root deep into the ground

and spread out my mind canopy high into the air

to share the secrets of the soil

to eavesdrop on the whispers of the wind


sometimes i want to wander into your dreams

to wander


just to wander...



lungs - Freiburg, Deutschland (2017)

ritual - Südschwarzwald, Deutschland (2016)

No title - Freiburg, Deutschland (2017)

fading - Schwarzwald, Deutschland (2016)